Welcome from Antonio AffinitoRockin' Ink  is born  in 1994 & stay one of the first
'Street Studio' in Caserta, Italy. Rockin' Ink is been opened by Antonio Affinito  as result of his passions  for the Tattoos Scene  &  The Rockin' Kustom Kulture.
After attending various Tattoos  Expo in Dunstable, Antonio bought  himself the finest handcrafted tattoo machines & once equipped he had the chance to assist to the work of some great  artist like Danny Skuse,Louis Molly & Little Winny Myers;
Is during those travels to England ,made with his BSA Lightnin', that he also had the chance to visit & became member of some the historicals Rocker Clubs of London ,like;
ACE CAFÉ  & 59 Club .In those occasion he also traveled often  to the
place were every real Rockers must had been at least once,all the way from Caserta to Brighton to attend to the Annuals 'Rockers Reunion'.
He always looked up with respect to the work of Artist like ;
Troy Lane,Albert Sgambati ,Ken Kameron,   Dario Mercuriali & Lal Hardy.
In the meanwhile Antonio is still mixing  his passions for Gasoline Roaring Engines ...With tattoo INK so he also  look forward to fix ,finally, his Machless 350 Tattoo his next panther or  whatever his stencils & art will bring his way.
Today Antonio still can be found , in his tattoo shop 'ROCKIN'INK' were he developed a style that he like to call ..
'No Trend & No Bull Shit....Just  old way Good Made Tattoos
to last you a Lifetime..hehe.'   

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